Iamawolf.com 101

1 - Find a game

You will first have to find yourself one or more games to attain, and to do this you aught to go to the Gamefinder.

Once there you will be served a list of games, but all games ever started, played or ended are showed here. To find a more spesific game, use the search options on the right side and check for "Waiting for players" and then click search. Find a game you want to join, click the round name and find the join button up in the right corner.

You are now part of the game and will receive an e-mail once the round starts.

2 - The first night: Find your role

When the game starts it will by default start with a night, and there might be some stuff for you to do. First you need to find out what role you are given this round, which you can see by going into the Game Center, and you will then find the game in the "active games" list. Go into the game and you will then see your role below the round name (really big letters).

Then you need to find out what to do. Click on your role below for more information:

3 - Understanding the interfaces


4 - Creating your own game


5 - Your profile

Soon... (ew, Guichi is lazy)